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The CRAVE lab is a group of graduate and undergraduate students conducting research in the Department of Psychology at the York University and at the University of Manitoba.
Addiction is a common mental health concern that causes many individuals in society to struggle. The goal of our research is to gain a better understanding of how addiction develops, examine the specific mechanisms underlying commonly co-occurring addictions, and develop evidence-based treatments for those who struggle with addiction. We primarily use quantitative methods to answer various research questions on this topic. 

Our hope is that through our research, we will be able to shed light on this mental health issue and help individuals in the community who struggle with various addictions (e.g., substance use, gambling, video-gaming, and tobacco use).

Research Projects

Our Current Focus


Alcohol, Cannabis, and

Substance Use







Man with Mask

Gambling and smoking projects

Contact Us

4700 Keele Street

Behavioural Sciences Building

Room 370
Toronto, ON

ON, M3J 1P3

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